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Affirmative Action Plans for Women and Minorities would have ten primary sections as follows:

I. Commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity

II. Dissemination of Policy

III. Establishment of Responsibilities for Implementation

IV. Identification of Problem Areas – Workforce by Organizational Unit and by Job Group

V. Identification of Problem Areas – Personnel Activity

VI. Identification of Problem Areas – Compensation Systems

VII. Identification of Problem Areas – Personnel Procedures

VIII. Action Oriented Programs

IX. Internal Audit and Reporting Systems

  • Methodology for AAP Numerical Analyses and Establishment of Goals

In addition to the required narratives, Ladt Consulting Services, Inc. (LCS) has purchased some very powerful software to help us better serve our clients. We believe this software will allow our clients’ human resource departments to outsource their most time-consuming and complex regulatory program. The calculations and statistical analyses are more complicated than ever before.

The computation portions of the software will allow us to generate the following types of compliance reports for the Women and Minorities AAP:

  • Workforce Analysis
  • Job Group Analysis Report
  • Availability Analysis Reports for Women & Minorities
  • Incumbency Analysis Reports for Women and Minorities
  • Incumbency vs. Availability Analysis Report
  • Goals Report
  • Goals Attainment Report

Besides these required reports, the software includes adverse impact monitoring capabilities to analyze hiring, promotions and terminations.

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