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If you need my assistance in preparing employee related forms, I suggest development of the following:

I. Family & Medical Leave Forms (required at 50 employee threshold):

  • Employee’s Request for Family or Medical Leave
  • Fitness for Duty Certification
  • Employer’s Response to Employee for Family or Medical Leave
  • Family and Medical Leave Time Log
  • Certificate of Health Care Provider – FMLA

II. Americans with Disabilities Act (required at 15 employee threshold):

  • Reasonable Accommodation Request Form
  • Accommodating an Applicant/Employee with a Disability
  • Undue Hardship Determination

III. Harassment:

  • Harassment Investigation – Complainant’s Questions
  • Harassment Investigation – Alleged Harasser’s Questions

IV. Miscellaneous Employment Forms:

  • Application
  • Employee Data Form
  • Employee Leave Request
  • Employee Accident Report
  • Educational Assistance (if provided)
  • Medical Treatment Form
  • Employee Exit Interview
  • Telephone Reference Check
  • Interview Guide
  • Travel Expense Report
  • Employee Suggestion Form
  • Employment Reference Statement
  • Employee Warning Notice

The cost of preparing these forms would be $2,000. Once again, I will provide an original copy of the forms from which your company may make the desired number of copies for distribution. Also, I will provide a copy of the forms on computer disc for future updates.

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