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In the past, organizations that had job descriptions were admired by many as being on the leading edge. Now, it is difficult for most organizations to manage their human resource responsibilities effectively without them.

Job descriptions are used in:

  • recruiting;
  • assigning and documenting work assignments;
  • interviewing;
  • hiring;
  • goal setting;
  • performance reviews;
  • disciplining;
  • training;
  • career planning and development;
  • and salary administration.

Job descriptions can be crucial as evidence in defending employers in employment related lawsuits. The Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and Kentucky ’s Worker’s Comp Reform all reference essential job functions. Also, Federal law requires job descriptions for jobs where employees handle or dispose of hazardous waste.

If you would like my assistance in setting up job descriptions, I would include the following key sections on the form:

  • A job identification section that would contain information such as job title, incumbent’s name, department, supervisor’s name and title and employment status, etc.
  • A section that would list the essential functions and the percentage of time spent on each function. The essential functions, or major job responsibilities, are the expected outcomes or reasons the job exists.
  • A j ob qualifications section that would contain information such as education, work experience, skills and abilities, licenses/certificates, and other job related requirements.
  • A section that would contain information on working conditions. Jobs that require a lot of physical exertion or unique and unusual mobility should include such facts. This is especially relevant for positions that require a great deal of standing, sitting, lifting, repetitive motion tasks, etc.
  • A section that would contain information on the physical environment in which the work gets done including conditions that are unpleasant or hazardous (i.e., noise, dust, lighting, temperature extremes, etc.)

The actual job description form would be a “fill in the blank” form containing the above sections. It would be used for all positions. The second document would be detailed instructions on how to fill out each of the above sections. The cost of preparing the job description form and the job description instructions as outlined would be $1,400.

If you choose to assign the task of preparing each individual job description to someone within your organization they should have the information needed to step them through the process. If you need any assistance in interviewing or in preparing/reviewing job descriptions, I will be happy to provide these services on an hourly basis.

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